This fundraising event for the Belfast Funds, took place in the garden of the Old Ulster Bank Building in Ballyclare on the 9th of August 2019. It was suggested on the day that this event could be more truthfully described as a thinly veiled attempt to drown Dessie McMullan - but this has been strongly denied.

Permission to use the Six Mile Water (2 minutes walk from the Old Bank Building) was granted. prizes were gathered, flyers were printed, sponsorship was obtained, Ducks were numbered, Gazebos were erected, and Dessie was outfitted with ill fitting waders. Robert Howie and James McCullough were “volunteered” to assist in the river. We met up at 4pm on what turned out to a gloriously sunny day. The age of those taking part ranged from preschool to those to whom retirement is a distant memory. 

The ducks were released with great aplomb and made their way down the river to where our nets were awaiting them. Dessie emerged suitably wet and dishevelled, and everyone headed to the waiting Barbeque back in the large garden to the rear of the Old Ulster Bank Building.

Catering was supplied by Tom Mahon & co. and everyone had plenty to eat and drink.

The winners were announced with Mrs. Henry winning the First prize (40 Inch Smart LED TV) and everyone relaxed and it was wonderful to see Masonic Families enjoying each other's company - all in all a very entertaining day, and we look forward to attempting to drown Dessie again soon!

 Our thanks go out to all those who attended, helped in the preparations, sold ducks, bought ducks or helped with the clean up.