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Steps to Making an Application

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, we and your lodge Almoner are here to help. 

Many people find that talking to their Almoner before contacting the BMCF is a good way of understanding a little bit more about the support and services we can provide. Almoners are there to listen and support without judgement. Should you wish to enquire about support through your lodge Almoner, here is what you can expect: 

  1. A meeting with your Almoner - Your Almoner will arrange a time and place to meet that is most convenient for you. Many people prefer their Almoner to visit them in the comfort of their own home, but it can be in a coffee shop or similar premises to facilitate your privacy.   
  2. Explaining your situation - To better support you, your Almoner will need to know about the circumstances of your present situation.  You may give as much or as little information as you feel comfortable in sharing. If you are not comfortable speaking to your Almoner, you can always contact us directly preferably by phone.   
  3. Advice on the support available from the BMCF - Your Almoner will understand the areas of support that the BMCF can provide and have an awareness of other organisations or charities best suited to your circumstance.  Your Almoner is not there to give you advice directly but can help you understand the range of potential support available. 
  4. Contacting the BMCF - If you would like to contact the BMCF, your Almoner can help by contacting the BMCF on your behalf. Alternatively you can get in touch with us directly.


Our Process

Our General Committee meetings are held on the last Friday of January. February, March, April, May, September, October, and November of each year.

Initial Request: The Masonic unit (Lodge, Chapter etc.,) having identified the necessity for assistance pertinent to the objectives of the Fund, are advised to make direct contact with the Fund by phone, letter or email in request for application Forms and initial advice. Application Forms may be posted or emailed to the Secretary or nominated representative of the relevant Lodge, Chapter etc. The application will normally be heard at the next stated meeting of the Committee & a representative from the applying Lodge, Chapter etc., will be required to attend the meeting at which the application will be considered. 

Emergency Committees: Should the applying Lodge Chapter etc., consider the applicant’s circumstances to warrant urgent assistance they may make a request for Emergency Support which, if ratified by the Board to be appropriate, we will hold an Emergency Committee meeting within 72 hours of having received an application with any award payment being issued with immediate effect.   

Committee Resolutions: upon the decision of the Committee the applying identity (Lodge Chapter etc.,) will receive written confirmation of the Committees resolutions with (if applicable) any monetary award, advice, or direction for the beneficiary; also, to include an explanation of annuity terms if applicable.


Payment Process

  • An annuity as awarded by the Fund is based on an annual amount of grant which will be dispersed in bi-annual payments of equal amounts in April and September of each year. 
  • Each payment cheque will be forwarded to the respective Lodge, Chapter etc. with request for a Lodge representative (usually the Almoner or Steward of. Charities) to arrange conveyance of award to the recipient.
  • An Annual Review Form will be attached to the April payment with request for the form to be completed and returned for further assessment and evaluation to change of circumstances. 
  • In pursuant of the Funds Constitution any Lodge not subscribing to the Fund in any year may be considered ineligible for assistance. Each case is dealt with on individual merit, at the discretion of the Committee.   

Please be assured that any contact or content thereof will be treated with the utmost regard for your privacy.